Join others who are seeking this path of mindful divorced parenting.

In The Pro Child Way®: Parenting with an Ex workshops, parents will learn how to stop reacting to their Ex in The Old Way and instead choose to raise their child The Pro-Child Way.

It’s never too late to parent The Pro Child Way®.

You don’t need your Ex’s permission or agreement.  You can choose to nurture your child’s spirit starting with the next divorced parenting situation.  Who cares if your ex thinks you’re acting ridiculous?!  It isn’t your ex that matters anymore.  Your child is going to think it’s great.

Issues covered include: visitation, holidays, joint events with the ex, communication with your child and ex, money issues, extended families, and child’s behavior issues.

The Mindfulness Seminar guides you through the Pro-Child process.  You will learn how to recognize when you’re reacting to your ex and feel the power of choosing to focus on your child instead.  Through interactive exercises, you will be able to discern the Pro-Child solutions to your divorced parenting situations and be equipped to parent The Pro-Child Way.

In addition to this guided process, you will learn divorced-parenting tips that will nurture your child’s spirit.  Areas to be covered include: visitation, holidays, parents-together events, talking with your child, and extended families.

Come prepared to learn, share, and grow in a small group environment.  Bring a picture of your child(ren)!

The Tips Seminar is packed full of divorced parenting tips.  Here are some of the topics covered: packing for your child’s overnight visit; specific nurturing language phrases to integrate when talking to your child; what to do during the visitation exchange; handling back-to-school night and conferences; creating a marriage momento box; welcoming extended family; and more!

The question isn’t “what will you learn?”  The question is “what will you commit to doing?”  Be prepared to tell Ellen what your three “take-away” action items will be!  What is the point of all of this?  To nurture your child’s spirit, even through divorce.

Proceeding to Divorce is a time to envision your child’s nurtured spirit as you contemplate divorce.  This is an engaging workshop that gives moms and dads the safety to explore the “what ifs” of divorce and child-sharing.  Ellen Kellner, will guide parents through The Pro-Child Way of nurturing their child’s spirit so that parents can wrap their children’s heart in security, consistency, and love as the future unfolds.  Participants will create a vision groundwork which can guide them in the many divorced-parenting choices. Suitable for one or both parents to attend.  Participants are encouraged to bring a picture of their child(ren).