What does a child need? A child needs love, patience, kindness, consistency, and consideration. A child needs safety and peace. These are not reserved for children who are a part of intact families. These are not reserved for children whose parents are going through a “friendly divorce.” Every child’s soul deserves this.

The Pro-Child Way® stresses that divorce is an opportunity for a parent to consciously create a new experience for the child where these nurturing principles steer the solution – not the parent’s ego, not the parent’s emotions. In reminding parents of their own inner power to mindfully focus on the Nurturing Principles, children can experience a divorce that nurture’s the soul and brings smiles.

What Nurturing Principles do you wish to instill in your child? One mom’s answer included these nuggets: Peace, self-assuredness, individuality, community, humbleness, knowledge, creativity, and kindness. How lucky is a child whose parent considers these nurturing qualities when shaping solutions! Reflect on your child and create a list of your own Nurturing Principles.