About Ellen

“Even in the midst of the most challenging of divorced parenting situations, you can look at your child and smile. You can be calm. You can respond in a way that is in-line with who you want to be and what you want your child to experience.” This is the promise of Ellen Kellner’s work. Ten years after the release of her book, The Pro-Child Way®: Parenting with an Ex, she knows that the promise is true.

Ellen has shared her Pro-Child message and techniques with thousands via the media and in personal and group workshop sessions. Many remember her leadership in Omega Institute’s 2014 inaugural workshop on mindful divorce, which has lead her to return to Omega in June 2024. Ellen’s Huffington Post article on mindful divorce parenting is a foundational piece on this critically important topic.

Built on the foundation of her personal meditation practice during her own her divorce, Ellen’s work incorporates the wisdom and insight of multiple personal development disciplines, including her own experience as a Reiki Master Teacher.

Through a mindful lens Ellen reminds parents of their ability to create a divorce experience where their children can be loved, nurtured, and thrive. She asserts, “Lucky for your child, it only takes you to make a significant impact on the divorced-parenting tone.”